What we offer

The Digititle next-generation subtitles system will help you grow your audience, reduce costs and deliver the best viewing experience possible with reliable & accurate real-time subtitles synchronization. ANY language, ANY format, worldwide.

Why choose us

  • Specifically designed
    for international film festivals & cinematheques
  • No delays and timing issues
    and timing issues
  • Translation files immediately
    available over cloud technology
  • No human errors reduce labor costs
    reduce labor costs
  • Fully digital & automated
    all via the internet, no manual loading
  • Small Footprint
    very compact & energy efficient


Our Team

Digititle™ (established 1998) provides computerized subtitle and translation services to Cinematheques and film festivals, saving their clients time, money and making their films accessible to a wider audience than ever.
The Digititle™ system automatically loads digital subtitles for your film from our cloud severs and projects them onto the screen with absolute synchronization and accuracy.
Digititle™ provides its clients with full service support for its systems as well as end-to-end translation services for subtitles in most languages.

How does it work? very simple

We work with your local translation
studios (or our own teams) to create
translation and synchronization files
for your films.

Your onsite Digititle subtitles player
automatically pulls the files from
our cloud servers and project the
subtitles as soon as you hit “play”
on the DCP.

that's it!

ready for screening.


Years of

over 5000


over 50

Returning satisfied customers


Annual audience growth