Our Team

Digititle™ (established 1998) provides computerized subtitle and translation services to Cinematheques and film festivals, saving their clients time, money and making their films accessible to a wider audience than ever.
The Digititle™ system automatically loads digital subtitles for your film from our cloud severs and projects them onto the screen with absolute synchronization and accuracy.
Digititle™ provides its clients with full service support for its systems as well as end-to-end translation services for subtitles in most languages.

Ami Vinter, Co-Founder & CEO

In 1998, Ami designed and issued his first patent for the Digititle translation system which since became the industry standard for cinematheques and film festivals across Israel.
With years of experience, Ami has established himself as a leading professional in the field of film screening, serving as a senior technical advisor for the Israeli film industry.
Ami works closely with our clients to tailor optimal solutions for their needs.

Oli Vinter, Co-Founder & Operations

As the Co-Founder of Digititle, Oli handles the day to day operations of the company, overseeing finance, distribution and outside business partners.

Ori Aldubi, Business Development

With over 15 years of experience with International client servicing,
Ori works with our international business partners to make the Digititle system accessible to satisfied clients worldwide.

Karam Nuriel, CTO

Karam carries years of experience in design and support of innovative technical solutions. As CTO of Digititle he is responsible for the solutions design and infrastructure of the Digititle systems and network.